CCP Tracking Protesters Against Lockdown Via Cell Phones

According to several foreign media reports, CCP’s security forces recently have been using cell phone location data to pursue suspected protesters against the Communist China government over the Zero-Covid and lockdown policies last week.

CCP’s laws required all cell phone users to register their name and identification number with telecommunication providers. Therefore, CCP police officers could easily use cell phone location data to track the protesters. CCP police would contact the protesters and inform them to police stations for questioning if their cell phone signals were detected near the sites of any demonstrations.

Moreover, the police continued to examine the cell phones of the arrestees and those on the streets, checking if they have stored protest-related information and if they have installed software for accessing virtual private networks (VPN). A protester detained by CCP police revealed their phones were confiscated and returned with all photos and the messaging application WeChat deleted.

To further strengthen supervision and regulation, the CCP regime has issued a directive to specifically crack down on applications like VPNs and announced a so-called Level I Internet Emergency Response, termed as CCP’s strictest online content censorship by some foreign news websites.

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