The Higher The Utilization Of Digital Currency, The Higher It’s Value

Miles Guo said in a live broadcast on November 23 that as long as one digital currency is used more frequently by more traders and terminal parties as a medium of transaction, the value of that particular digital currency will increase. In the future, when the “lying flat coin” is launched online, it will exist as a floating public chain. For example, at the beginning, 10,000 Tang Ping coins cost $1, let say. And then there is a buyer on Gettr, GClub or anywhere, offering 1 dollar to buy 100 or 1,000 lying flat coins. As we see, there is an investment value being generated. After that, if one buys any other currency or even Bitcoin with the lying-flat coin, the latter will not lose it’s previous value generated from it’s initial purchase, but instead it will be brought upon to foster the next round of transaction. This is fundamentally different from the FTX’s criminal practice of stealing investors’ money by deliberately issuing more coins. Nonetheless, the most critical feature of digital currency is to achieve decentralization from governmental authority. The so-called legal currency issued by the government, the Ministry of Finance, and banks of various countries not only unilaterally determines the value of the currency, but also requires handling fees from the process of printing money. On the contrary, once approved by the transaction party, the exchange of decentralized digital currency can be carried out through point-to-point transactions. The government or monetary authorities have no chance of tampering and fabricating anything, and they will not have any ground or excuse in charging additional fees in the transaction process, let alone the massive over-printing of physical, paper money. On top of that, digital currency transactions are irreversible, unalterable, irrevocable and inalienable.

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