CCP Attempted To Shift The Blame Of Harsh Lockdown On Its NAT Companies

Foreign media reported on Dec. 4 that when the “White Paper Movement” is gaining momentum due to Xi Jinping’s harsh Zero-Covid lockdowns, the Chinese Communist Party’s(CCP) mouthpiece published an opinion piece entitled “The epidemic will not rest as long as the chaotic nucleic acid testing (NAT) continues,” to shift away public anger against the Zero-Covid policy to falsified NAT results, making NAT companies the scapegoats.

The report disclosed that data from the CCP’s National Health Care Commission’s Clinical Laboratory Center showed that the number of NAT laboratories in China had exploded six-fold from 2,081 in March 2020 to 13,100 in April 2022, which indicated complex interests are involved behind the scenes. Among them, Nucleus Gene had expanded by more than a dozen within a few months, with most of its branch located in provincial capital cities, and all of them have made loads of cash out of the NAT. Experts say the political power behind them goes far beyond a single province or city, backed by powerful CCP kleptocrats and top health and epidemic prevention regulators. Since November 27, protests against the lockdown have erupted in many cities in Communist China. Large numbers of protesters held white papers, some chanting slogans such as “Xi Jinping, step down” and “CCP, step down.” While the “White Paper Movement” is spreading in China, it is rapidly gaining support from Chinese across the world. Currently, the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand have all responded, which put the CCP on panic mode, and trying to give up a rook to save the king Xi Jinping. However, no matter how the CCP tries to shift the blame, people in China have started to realize that the only way to end the Zero-Covid lockdown is to take down the CCP regime.

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