Xi Regime Will Be Doomed To Perish In The Face Of Challenges From Within And Outside Communist China

The Chinese people are finally protesting against the government’s inhumanity in terms of repeated lockdowns in the name of the pandemic and the catastrophic consequences associated with the ‘Zero-COVID’ policy for the last 3 years.

Employees at Foxconn started to protest in the early stage. Soon, the nation is standing up against the dictatorship and totalitarian regime through the “White Paper Revolution” and the “Fire Revolution”. Slogans like “CCP step down, Xi Jinping step down” and “Never suck up authority again” can be heard everywhere inside China. As the wave of protests seems unstoppable, the state-owned media “Xinhua” published an article on November 28, saying that under the CCP’s ‘dynamic zero-COVID’ policy, local government should be more patient to deal with people’s reactions. Beijing announced on November 28 that residents, such as the elderly, infants, and people who work from home, without the requirement to go to public places, can choose not to have a PCR test. Soon after, Guangzhou and several cities announced to lift all temporary closures. On December 1st, Shanghai announced that 24 “high-risk” areas will be lifted from all lockdowns.

Although some cities and local governments announced that they will ease the requirement of COVID tests and lift restrictions, CCP authorities are still using health QR Codes to restrict Chinese people’s freedom. Moreover, videos spreading on social media show that the city police are starting to check people’s phones on the street and even going to their homes due to the “White Paper Revolution” across the country. The government is preventing people from using VPNs to view overseas apps.

Miles Guo said the ‘Zero-COVID’ policy shows Xi Jinping’s arrogance and his political ambition to challenge the world, and Xi’s attempt against the world by kidnapping the 1.4 billion Chinese lives and freedom. CCP had formulated such a siege plan a year ago, on the one hand suppressing the rebellious population by ‘Zero-COVID’ restrictions, and on the other hand using the lifting of restrictions in some areas to quell the public’s anger.

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