New Zealand Government Tries To Seize Guardianship Of Baby After Parents Demand Unvaccinated Blood For Surgery

According to reports, the New Zealand Ministry of Health filed a court application with the Auckland High Court on November 28 to request the transfer of custody of a 4-month-old baby under the Child Care Act so that the baby can undergo surgery.

The baby’s parents explained their position in an interview with New Zealand radio host Liz Gunn. Gunn has serious concerns about the safety of the coronavirus vaccine. The baby suffered from severe pulmonary stenosis and needed immediate surgery, but the parents did not want the child’s blood contaminated with the new Covid-19 vaccine that would be used in the operation. The parents insist there are more than 20 unvaccinated people willing to donate blood for the procedure, but the donors have not been approved by the New Zealand Government Blood Service.

Observers point to the growing awareness of the risks posed by vaccinations against the CCP Virus, including concerns about the source of donated blood. Therefore, when receiving surgical blood transfusion, people will specifically request blood donated by unvaccinated people. It is conceivable that in the near future, pure unvaccinated blood will be in short supply and become the scarcest and most precious resource.

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