Xi Regime Will Be Doomed To Perish In The Face Of Challenges From Within And Outside Communist China

During his Gettr video on December 1, Miles Guo provided detailed analysis of the current dilemma faced by Xi’s regime and pointed out that both his faction and the CCP would completely collapse during this historic movement. First, Xi didn’t believe his henchmen’s reports that the Blank Paper Movement and the Flame Revolution keeping emerging in Communist China was merely manipulated overseas adversaries. He sought to find out the promoters within the CCP, but didn’t know where to start. Second, since Xi has made massive preparations for his visit to Saudi Arabia on December 7-9 but has to attend the funeral of former CCP leader Jiang Zemin on December 6, how to make reasonable arrangements has become a tough issue. Third, the Beijing authorities have planned to disperse the main force of the college students’ protests by winter holiday and crush them one by one, but found it difficult to achieve the established goals since many students had no intention to go back home. Fourth, the death toll in various regions of Communist China would be exposed soon and would possibly provoke greater outrage across the country.

Meanwhile, Communist China’s food and foreign exchange reserves are falling sharply. The accelerating withdrawal of foreign capital would contribute to a major crisis in the field of chips and technology. In the South China Sea, Japan and Germany are increasing their operation, and Xi’s health condition is also not so good. All these would end up with the demise of Xi’s faction and the CCP.

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