Xi Jinping Uses Supply-Market-Cooperative System to Enslave the Chinese People

According to the sharing from the Whistleblower Movement, in the face of the mass protests, the CCP will apply a series of emergency measures such as cutting off water, electricity, communications and other infrastructure and imposing a siege. At the same time, the CCP’s supply-market-cooperatives will be activated again in order to control and persecute the Chinese people. The so-called supply-market-cooperatives is a domestic supply chain where all materials are uniformly purchased and sold by the government, and the government has the ultimate control and monopoly over the people’s access to living materials. The CCP’s supply-market-cooperatives system consists of three levels: central, local, and individual. The central government gives orders directly to the provincial authority, which in turn goes directly to the cities, counties and rural areas, even the central government goes directly to the rural areas. In addition, the CCP’s highest decision-making level requires command approval for deployments of more than three soldiers to maintain firm control of the military and prevent protests. Miles Guo said on November 30 that the supply-market-cooperatives system is a political system that Xi Jinping uses to enslave the Chinese people. The only way the Chinese people can survive is to rise up and take down the CCP.

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