CCP Crafted Crackdown Plan 1 Year Ago To Quell Potential Resistance From People

In the November 25th GETTR video, Miles Guo stated that according to intelligence, as early as a year ago, when people around the world feared the CCP virus and the world economy was at a standstill, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had already formulated a siege plan to counteract the Chinese people’s resistance to the Zero-Covid policy.

According to this plan, once the Chinese people rise up against it, they will be arrested and quarantined. The CCP will also set up cordons between cities, block highways, and besiege the people. At the same time, the CCP will cut off water, electricity, communications, and other infrastructure. It will and even suspend supplies to force the people to compromise. And the current events such as Zhengzhou Foxconn are all expected by the CCP.

With the broken supply chain and stagnant production caused by the epidemic and the Zero-Covid policy, there are more than 170 cities in the Communist China are currently in a state of collapse. The CCP has prepared for this and said that even if the GDP is negative, after 1 to 3 years of so-called “purification” of the Chinese people, the CCP will start to implement the national planned economic deployment system. By then, the ordinary people will have to obey the instructions of the CCP.

In addition, the CCP will re-create the illusion of reform and opening up and work with its evil allies, which are North Korea and Russia, to create Special Zones to continue enslaving the Chinese people.

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