NFSC’s Protest Against Paul Hastings Gains Widespread Respect

In the past few days, the protest by the New Federal State of China (NFSC) citizens against the Luc Despins and Paul Hastings Law Firm has attracted widespread attention around the world. Many residents and travelers were shocked by the fact that Paul Hastings was collaborating with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to persecute Chinese all over the world. They could not imagine that a law firm from a democratic country would participate with the CCP in conducting illegal and harmful acts. A senior Chinese gentleman came and joined the NFSC protest. He told our fellow fighters that he had relatives who were beaten and injured by the CCP’s black police when they took to the streets in the 2019 Hong Kong Protests. He strongly stood with us and expected us not to retreat and stand firm in our beliefs. A Jewish journalist, Lipaz, from Israel passed by the NFSC protest site, stepped forward to ask the reason and then took some pictures. After learning that Paul Hastings and the CCP colluded to persecute the Chinese, she left her contact information and said she would like to do a special report on our fellow fighters. One of The NFSC protests was held in front of Luc’s Connecticut mansion. A neighbor of Luc Despins’ drove over and brought food to our fellow fighters as a gesture of support. Another female neighbor who did not want to show her face told our fellow fighters that she did not think Luc Despins was a good person, and if Luc’s ex-wife had been there, she might have joined us in the protest.

The NFSC citizens, with their bravery, kindness, and principle of sticking to the truth, are gaining the respect of the world.

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