Chongqing Young Man Advocating Freedom Rescued From the Authority

On November 24, a video emerged from the Communist China went showing a young man speaking in front of a crowd in a community in Chonqing who was protesting CCP’s zero case and lock down policy went viral on the internet.

The man said that vegetables government once guaranteed to be accessible to public as social welfare were not available at all. Instead, only carrot was available, but at a cost two to four times more than usual, and even higher if purchased online. Although the cost is unacceptably high for most Chinese, with 70 percent of them just earned 3,000 yuan a month, people have no choice. No one in the government will take responsibility and change the unjust policy.
During his speech, the man shouted, “without freedom, rather die”. The crowd responded with praise for his words and bravery. The police at the scene tried to take him away and stop the man by locking his throat. When the man shouted for help, a few brave people stepped up and rescued him from the police, and walked with him to step away from the police with cheers.

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