Whistleblower Reveals The Corruption Of PLA

On November 22, a fellow fighter from the internal of the PLA revealed details of the PLA’s internal management system, according to a NFSC media report.

In general, a country’s military strength can be predicted or measured with its economical power and the budget assigned to related scientific research and support.

Even though it has quite economical power, the CCP prefers to spend most of its budget on internal control of the people, but very little budget to invest in actual military scientific research.

The PLA’s staff management system is focused on nepotism, by relying on interpersonal connection.

Inside the PLA, officials in power are extremely corrupted, resulting in the technical development department in a desperation caused by a lack of fundings.

In addition, the CCP’s propaganda of “live a hard life during the hard times”, when the senior ranking leaders of the PLA embezzled the majority of the funds, while the lower ranking leaders would be left with little or nothing.

It’s disclosed that most of the PLA army soldiers don’t have real combat experiences. And even if they work conscientiously in the military and hold high positions, once they leave the army, their benefits will be forcibly removed.

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