UK PM Unveils New Scheme For world’s 100 Most Talented In AI

The UK government reported on November 21th, that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak unveiled a new scheme for the world’s 100 most talented young professionals in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) as part of his vision to make the UK a “beacon” to attract the brightest and best from around the world.

Sunak hopes that innovation can be the core of UK’s economic policy and drive UK’s economic growth. Sunak said the UK will create the most pro-innovation regulatory environment in the world, including in the fields of life science, financial service, and AI and data. This would create high-paying jobs for the British people. Meanwhile, Sunak emphasized that government and education departments should deliver lifetime skills guarantee to help people of any age retrain and acquire new skills. However, to make this country a true island of innovation, UK also needs to attract the best and brightest from around the world. So, the UK government will not hesitate to create one of the world’s most attractive visa systems for entrepreneurs and highly skilled people, especially in AI – the field that the UK needs to be most ambitious. As a result, the UK cannot allow the world’s top AI talent to be drawn to America or China. PM Sunak said the UK government is launching a program to identify and attract the world’s top 100 young AI talents. And this will create more jobs, higher payment, and better opportunities for British people.

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