CCP’s Domestic Mass Lockdown Causes Supply Chain Crisis

Since summer, the Guangzhou(广州) government’s mass lockdown continues to cause another hit to the entity’s economy. The Zhongda Textile Wholesale Market was blocked without any cases on October 24.

Zhongda Textile Wholesale market is located in Haizhu District, Guangzhou. It is the largest clothing fabric trading market in China, with more than ten large-scale retails, 63 trading markets, and 23,000 shops, as well as 2 million employees in related businesses and 100,000 factory workers.

As of November 23, the lockdown has continued for over a month without any updates. The market is completely empty, and all shops and businesses are closed.

Before the CCP virus pandemic, especially during the holiday season, the market was prosperous thanks to customers worldwide. Since the CCP implemented strict Zero-Covid policies, the market has become another ghost town.

A world-famous Yiwu Small Commodity Market in Zhejiang Province has a similar situation. On August 11 this year, the Yiwu Small Commodity Market entered a three-day “quiet period” after repeated bans, which were extended continuously without reason.

Merchants’ products cannot be shipped, and their orders are delayed or canceled. According to a wholesaler, in September, European and American customers stopped placing orders, and the export business “collapsed,” forcing many merchants to change enterprises. The CCP’s Zero-Covid policy has caused China’s once well-developed cities and towns to collapse economically overnight.

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