Paul Hastings’ Neil Torpey’s Public Denial of CCP Representation

At around 9:00 a.m. EST on November 23rd, Neil Torpey, a partner at Paul Hastings LLP (“Paul Hastings”) New York office and chairman of Paul Hastings Hong Kong office, passed by the protest scene at the entrance of the Paul Hastings office building at the Grand Central Terminal, New York City. Torpey saw his photo appear in the hands of CCP dissidents from the New Federal State of China, and himself was called the CCP’s running dog by them, Torpey even though embarrassed, still managed to take a selfie with the protesters.

Torpey defended, “I do not represent them (the CCP).”

Nicole, a fellow fighter of the NFSC then asked him, “Do you still work at Paul Hastings?”, Torpey said, yes.

“Your hands are stained with the blood of the Chinese people! Your high salary is the hard-earned money of the Chinese people! The hundreds of millions you made from working for Paul Hastings and the CCP come from the enslaved Chinese people.” Nicole challenges him.

“I have no comment on that.”, Torpey said, and could only leave the scene in a hurry in front of everyone. Neil Torpey’s Professhional Career at Paul Hastings in Hong Kong, China.

According to reports, since the 1990s, Torpey has worked at Paul Hastings for over 30 years. As Chairman of Paul Hastings’ Hong Kong office and partner, Neil Torpey is responsible for Paul Hastings’ M&A, private equity and venture capital practice in China, and is Vice Chairman of Paul Hastings Global Enterprise, as well as Paul Hastings Policy A member of the committee and the partner evaluation committee. Paul Hastings as a law firm with offices in three biggest cities in Mainland China has long a list of over a thousand major clients from CCP’s state-owned or CCP-backed enterprises, including Binance, Shanghai Fosun Pharma, Bohai Bank, Ping An of China, China Life Insurance, CDH Investments, Evergrande Real Estate, Vanke, Greentown, SoftBank, China Everbright Holdings, etc.

Torpey’s main representation practice involves mergers and acquisitions, private equity and capital markets matters. In addition, he serves as Vice Chairman of Paul Hastings Global Corporate Practice and is a member of the Paul Hastings Policy Committee, Employment Committee and Partner Review Committee.

Just like all private-owned and foreign-owned companies in China, including foreign law firms, Paul Hastings has been obeying the CCP’s rules and regulations for 20 years.

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Translated by: Author: Ashely (MOS)  Edit: Kayla J. (MOS)
Design&editor: HBamboo(昆仑竹)

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