CCP Exports Weapon Of War To Its Partners

In a Gettr livestream on November 23rd, Miles Guo revealed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is exporting lethal weapons for war to its strategic partners, adding more uncertainty to the already troubled world situation.

Miles pointed out that during the pandemic, the CCP has fully opened up its strategic missile systems to its global partners, expanding its nuclear weapons production base comprehensively, including Dongfeng 15, 401 and 401DA nuclear missile systems, which were never exported before. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has sent teams of 100 some experts to help North Korea build all-weather missiles and launch systems, manufacture UAVs, and has sold large numbers of fighter jets to North Korea. Similarly, the CCP is providing Iran with advanced technology and equipment of speech censorship to maintain social stability and helping Iran to build an independent communications system. In addition, PLA’s military expansion has reached out to Saudi Arabia and Syria, with mass production of UAVs and the deployment of long-range ballistic missile systems in operation in Saudi Arabia. Miles said that the reckless proliferation of the CCP’s UAVs technology and nuclear capabilities in the Middle and Far East would pose a huge threat to the US strategic influence in the Asia-Pacific. Unfortunately, the warning did not draw much attention. But in the near future, the US will be woken up completely.

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