NATO Secretary General Calls For Increased Military Budget And Warns Against Dependence On Communist China

On November 21st, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General Stoltenberg publicly warned the member states not to repeat their mistake of over-dependence on Russia as a major energy supplier. In the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war, they should be cautious to avoid falling back into the danger of over-reliance on the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). He also called on the member states to consider raising the ceiling defense spending to more than 2% of economic outcome.

Stoltenberg said that the CCP is increasingly trying to control the western critical infrastructure, supply chains, and key industries. Furthermore, rare earth minerals of the Communist China origin are ubiquitous, used in cell phones, cars, and military equipment. The Xi’s regime wants to take advantage of the western allies’ weaknesses and sabotage democracies but NATO cannot afford to give the Communist dictatorship any chance to do so.

The most significant shift in NATO’s approach to the CCP in recent years is when NATO members agreed in June to a new strategic concept that views Beijing as a “challenge” to NATO’s interests, security and values.

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