Iran Arrests 40 Foreign Nationals For Participating In Protests

According to reports, on November 22, Iranian judiciary officials admitted they had arrested 40 foreign nationals for engaging in human rights demonstrations and called the protesters terrorists for provoking others to join them. The detained foreigners came from France, Sweden, Italy, Germany and other European countries. The human rights demonstrations in Iran, triggered by the death of a young woman who died in the custody of Iranian morality police for not wearing her hijab correctly, have entered the third month. Amnesty International said last month that at least 144 people connected with the protests have been killed by Iranian security forces in the country’s effort to suppress the human rights movement. Human Rights Watch and the UN last week revealed the death toll of protesters has reached 326, including 43 children and 25 women, along with 14,000 arrested. Iranian authorities have also publicly stated that they arrested two prominent Iranian actresses for their public support for the protests.

The UK and the EU have previously announced sanctions against Iran for its brutal crackdown, involving at least 24 officials in the country.

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