Protest Breaks Out At The APEC Meeting, With Xi Jinping Becomes The Target

According to foreign media report on Nov 19th, on the first day of the two-day APEC economic leaders’ meeting, fierce protests erupted outside the venue, with more than 300 Thais taking to the streets to demonstrate and the protest group stretching for over 10 km.

 The report says that among the protesting crowd, there were protesters targeting Xi Jinping and opposing CCP’s version of One-China policy. Some young demonstrators held Winnie the Pooh with Xi’s portrait pasted on it, with slogans “Free Hong Kong” and “Free Joshua Wong” displayed in rotation on the screen of the smartphone, strongly protesting CCP’s crackdown on and atrocities against the Anti-Extradition Movement in Hong Kong.

 The Thai government deployed over one thousand police forces and troops at the capital area to disperse the protesters. The demonstration outside the venue turned into a physical clash with the police, who even fired rubber bullets at demonstrators. Some Thai protesters revealed that at least 10 people were arrested and more locals disappeared during the march.

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