Woman Miscarries In Chongqing Due To CCP Virus Measures

A woman is about to give birth miscarried in Chongqing after delayed treatment due to the strictest CCP virus lockdowns, according to internet information on the 12th in China. She was forced to wait to get out of her living community by the White Guard. Meanwhile, the ambulance was stopped from getting into this community. The pregnant woman was sent to the hospital after 4 hours of negotiation, which led to fetal death. On November 11th, the day before this tragedy, the National Health Commission of the CCP introduced “20 measures to further optimize COVID prevention and control”. It clearly stated that it “Strengthens the protection of key groups of people” including pregnant women. But just one day later, this miscarriage incident occurred. Analysts pointed out that the CCP’s political system should be in charge of such a tragedy. The CCP’s senior officers often carry out ambiguous, abstract, frequently changeable policies in order to shift responsibility. For example, in the CCP’s prevention and control policy, there are no concrete instructions about Liability immunity to key populations due to particular circumstances causing the spread of the CCP virus. As a result, it forms an environment of ignorance of human rights under the Communist system, in which all levels of officials could conduct these restrictions stricter to keep their positions. Since the CCP released the virus, various tragedies have been repeated due to lockdown policies. In January, a pregnant woman in Xi’an was refused treatment by a hospital because her PCR test certificate expired, resulting in a miscarriage. Recently, a 3-year-old child died in Lanzhou because of delayed treatment. Instead of taking responsibility to prevent the incident from happening again, the Communist regime just sent out an apology letter or punished a few basic-level employees because they never respected people’s lives.

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