The CCP’s Virus Attack And Vaccine Strategy Backfired

On November 12th in his Gettr post, Miles Guo paraphrased the opinions of a senior cadre of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP), who believed that Xi Jinping’s virus attack and vaccine strategy against the Western Democracies have backfired, leaving China suffering the most devastating consequences.
While the world has basically lifted the control measures of the CCP virus and the global pandemic is coming to an end, the CCP has been enforcing the extreme Zero-Covid campaign since the beginning of the year. The repeated implementation of a series of extremely harsh policies, including the national wide Nucleic Acid Testing, city lockdowns, and travel ban with a 24-hour health code, have caused unbearable suffering to the public, and accumulated anger towards Beijing.

China has lost $3 trillion in GDP in a single year, and its economy is on the verge of collapsing. The CCP’s bioweapon (AKA COVID-19) and corresponding killer vaccines were initially designed to destroy the United States and the Western democratic system, but they have become ticking bombs which trapped the CCP itself. Miles believes that evil has its retribution, karma and reincarnation.

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