Suicide Statistics In China Under Xi Jinping’s Zero-Covid Campaign Are Considered State Secret

As Xi Jinping’s harsh Zero-Covid campaign intensifies, more and more videos and reports of suicides due to the inhumane lockdowns have gone viral over the internet. In response to this phenomenon, the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China (MOHPRC) has stated that it will not release statistics on suicides under the Zero-Covid policy.

The masked data includes the number of suicides since the implementation of Zero-Covid policy at the end of 2019 to present. The MOHPRC tightly controls the data and requires its staff not to reveal it. Any attempt to obtain such information could be considered an attempt to reveal state secrets.

According to study, the loneliness caused by social isolation is unsettling for many people which can lead to deteriorating mental health. In addition to the economic hardships such as recession and unemployment caused by lockdowns can exacerbate people’s depression and suicidal tendencies. Some reports suggest that the excess deaths due to suicide during the pandemic may even exceed the deaths caused by the CCP virus. In Hubei province which has a large population, the number of suicides increased by 63% in 2020. Even in areas like Tibet, where suicide rates are extremely low, the prolonged and harsh lockdown of the city resulted in a tragic five suicides in just three days.

Analysts believe that by concealing suicide statistics from the outbreak of the pandemic to date, the Chinese regime is hiding the fact that it is using the Zero-Covid campaign to impose brutal controls on the Chinese people.

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