Shan Weijian And His Son: A CCP Spy Pair

Shan Weijian, an economist and venture capitalist, the CEO and Chairman of the Hong Kong-based private equity firm PAG Group which holds and manages assets of US$45 billion, is a spy of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He was a part of the first group of Chinese students to come to the United States since the Cultural Revolution. Shan has extremely close relationship with former Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan and some of most powerful and influential people in the world. A graduate of the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, USA, Shan Wei Jian has made his way through the world of American politics and business and worked for six years at the Wharton Business School. In 2020, Shan openly sided with the CCP, supporting Hong Kong’s National Security Laws, and claiming that Hong Kong was still a society with freedom under the CCP’s administration. At the same time, Shan Wei Jian has been putting continuous efforts for years to strengthen the CCP. The “Thousand Talents Program”, launched in 2008 as to steal advanced technology, intellectual property, and international talents from abroad, is from the hand of Shan Wei Jian and has victimized several international renowned scholars. Shan Wei Jian’s only son, Shan Bo, who is also a CCP spy, owns two mansions in the US worth more than US10 million each. One of the mansions, worth more than10millioneach.Oneofthemansions,worthmorethan19.7 million, is located in Brentwood, Los Angeles, and was purchased in 2019 in an all-cash transaction; the other, in the small town of Atherton, California, was purchased for $16.4 million in 2016. Shan Bo is also the founder of Gobi Capital LLC, in which he has a 75% stake. Gobi Capital is a hedge fund with $1.84 billion in assets under management but serves only eight clients. Yet the firm has increased its capital nearly 40-fold in just five years from 2016-2021. This “beautiful” figure is also closely related to Shan Wei Jian’s illegal money laundering in the US.

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