CCP’s Twenty Rules For Epidemic Prevention Are Its Tools For Enslaving Chinese

According to local media reports on November 11, the Joint Prevention and Control Office of the State Council of Communist China has issued 20 rules to optimize prevention and control, including quarantine transfer, PCR test, personnel flowing, medical services, and evacuation.

Among the 20 rules, the original “7-day centralized quarantine + 3-day home health monitoring” was adjusted to 5+3. Monitor secondary close contacts were revoked, the medium risk zone was canceled, CCP virus testing on inbound flights was no longer requested, etc. Vice Premier Sun Chunlan stressed in the meeting that it is necessary to further raise the political stance, unswervingly adhere to the general “Zero-COVID” policy, and “prevent external importation and internal rebound”. People rejoiced over the easing of epidemic controls when they heard the news, and the stocks in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong rallied for a while.

Miles Guo has repeatedly pointed out that the CCP has used prevention and control to conduct a test of extreme social pressure, to change people’s lifestyles, to arbitrarily detain people, and to deprive them of their most basic freedoms. Epidemic control is a tool of social control unprecedented in human history and the most useful tool of enslavement. The CCP enforces its ” Zero-COVID” policy in a loose and tight way in order to destroy people’s will and dignity and make them completely slaves in the 21st century.

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