Bounty On Xi Jinping Appeared On The Dark Web, $20 Million For Shooting Down His Aircraft

In his Grand Live Broadcast on November 13, Miles Guo mentioned that the recent visit of Xi Jinping coincided with a number of bounties on the dark web. It is reported that this is the first time ever that bounties targeting Xi have appeared on the dark web. These bounties ranged from $50,000 for the flight No. and route of Xi’s aircraft, to $100,000 for the names of Xi’s entourage, and even $20 million for shooting down Xi’s aircraft.

Xi’s trip will pass the airfields of Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon area, these are the most dangerous places. Although Xi is escorted by military jets, his seat plane can still be easily shot down with shoulder-fired needle piercing anti-aircraft missiles.

After the 20th Party Congress, Xi Jinping initiated the purge targeting opponents within the party, including the Hu Jintao faction, the Zeng Qinghong faction, Dai Yongge, Zhang Songqiao and others.A large number of people from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Political and Legal Affairs Commission, the troops stationed in Hong Kong, the 54th Group Army, and the Eastern War Zone have also been arrested. And the purge will not stop as long as Xi lives. In addition, the CCP has been conducting countless criminal activities over the dark web, it’s odd that it was unaware of the bounties on Xi Jinping. Therefore Miles believes there must be inside stories, and the situation could be changed dramatically at any time.

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