Cruise Ship With 800 Covid-Positive Passengers Docks In Sydney

According to a local media report on November 12, there was a large-scale COVID-19 outbreak on board the Majestic Princess cruise ship.

 In the early hours of the day, the cruise ship carrying about 800 Covid-positive passengers docked in Sydney, with more than 4600 passengers and crew on board at the time. Passengers who tested positive for COVID-19 disembarked from the ship and had been warned to stay away from public transport.

 It is said that the Majesty Princess cruise ship docked in the early morning of 12th at Circular Quay of Sydney, Australia through a 12-day voyage departing from New Zealand. On that morning, Fitzgerald, president of the cruise ship’s parent company Carnival Australia, told reporters that around 800 tested positive for Covid-19, as did a small number of crew.

 All positive cases were asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic. Those who tested negative were permitted to leave the ship first, and those who tested positive passed through another door and disembarked in sequence on different decks isolated in their staterooms and then separated from non-impacted guests, Fitzgerald said that the company will help these Covid-positive passengers get private transfer services and stay at a private residency to complete their quarantine.

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