Over 1,000 Shipments Of Chinese Solar Panels Exported To The U.S. Detained Over Forced Labor Concerns

Foreign media reported on November 11 that since the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) was enacted in June, the United States has seized more than a thousand solar panels sold by Communist China to the United States. UFLPA went into effect on June 21 to prevent forced labor-related goods produced in Communist China from entering U.S. markets. Under the law, any goods produced in Xinjiang will be banned in the U.S. unless proven otherwise by “clear and convincing evidence” that forced labor is not involved.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said on November 10, from June 21 to October 25, the bureau detained 1,053 batches of solar equipment, which is still held at customs. According to sources, the detained products include solar panels and polysilicon cells. These products are mainly produced by three Chinese manufacturers, i.e., LONGi Green Energy Technology, JinKO Power Technology, and Trina Solar, which combined account for about one-third of the U.S. panel supply. Two companies have stopped shipping to the United States for fear of more seizures. It is reported that Communist China is the leading supplier of solar products, and the relevant productions are operated in Xinjiang. Earlier, the United States and other Western countries accused the CCP of Uyghur slave labor and human rights abuse in Xinjiang. The CCP first denied the accusations but later admitted that they had established a “vocational skills education and training center” in Xinjiang.

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