Mr. Bao Tong Will Be Remembered Forever

On November 9, Mr. Bao Tong, the former CCP General Secretary Zhao Ziyang’s secretary, passed away at age 90. Mr. Bao considered Miles Guo his teacher, and consistently backed the whistleblower movement.

In the live broadcast on November 9th, Miles claimed that Mr. Bao, a fervent supporter of the new Chinese Federation, was under serious threat from the Chinese Communist Party ( CCP). In China’s contemporary history, Mr. Bao is regarded as one of the greatest sociologists and politicians, admired and revered by all. He will always remain in the hearts of the righteous. He is a hero of China, a sentient person, and a fine illustration of what Chinese men should emulate.

May Mr. Bao Tong rest in peace and never again return to the vicious nation ruled by the CCP. And we must accomplish the unfinished business of his life and exert all of our efforts to eliminate the CCP. The New Federal State of China will achieve the right of the Chinese people where there will be one-person, one-vote elections and set up a political system that is genuinely focused on the needs of the people.

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