Miles Guo Warns Hong Kong Political And Business Sectors

In a live broadcast on November 9, Miles Guo warned Hong Kong’s pro-communist tycoons and officials that under the control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), these people would lose control of their wealth and freedom of mobility. They will be forced to do evil, before they will be eventually be purged by the CCP.

 The CCP will use the “Greater Bay Area” plan to manipulate the Hong Kong real estate market, forcing Hong Kong tycoons to cooperate with the CCP at the expense of their financial freedom. As their wealth and the interests of their children and grandchildren are kidnapped and threatened, Hong Kong tycoons will have to give up the idea of fleeing Hong Kong.

 For those politicians and businesspeople who remain in Hong Kong, the CCP will bully and entice them to do evil in Hong Kong and sell out the interests of Hong Kong and its people. With their wealth controlled by the CCP, Hong Kong will eventually become part of the CCP’s “”Greater Bay Area”” plan.

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