Massive Foreign Company Withdrawal In Communist China

According to the New Federal State of China (NFSC)’s media report, former CEO of Cypress Semiconductor Rogers stated that international and U.S. companies have begun withdrawing from Communist China. These companies are moving to India or Vietnam which is just the beginning of a massive replacement of the supply chains. “”If you regard countries as customers, Communist China has become the largest customer of the chip industry by far,”” Rogers said. That’s because everyone makes products in Communist China, from washing machines to cars, and therefore deliver chips to Communist China, assemble them into circuit boards and products, and then ship them back in finished form. 

 However, these companies are withdrawing, and the withdrawal is becoming more forceful. One analyst metaphorically used a phrase called the long-term symptoms of the CCP virus, and Communist China is suffering from the long-term symptoms of the CCP virus. What will happen is that Communist China will no longer be a customer. In terms of alternatives, for example, solar companies already have production going in Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Rogers points out that Communist China will have to compete with these new suppliers, and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) becomes arrogant and aggressive, and they steal things. Also, in the area of intellectual property, it’s hard to use any other word to describe the way the CCP acts other than “devious”.

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