HIMARS has become a nightmare for the Russian army, and U.S. officials say no HIMARS has been destroyed yet

The Russians have previously claimed to have destroyed the HIMARS, but U.S. officials emphasize that no HIMARS has been destroyed by the Russians so far.

The HIMARS multiple rocket system provided by the United States to Ukraine has recently emerged in the Ukrainian-Russian War and has become a target armament that the Russian army wants to eradicate. Previously, the Russian army had repeatedly claimed to have destroyed HIMARS, but none of them had been confirmed. According to the U.S. “Politico” report, Ukraine has received 20 sets of HIMARS from the U.S., and will receive another 18 sets in the next few years. The Ukrainian army continues to use HIMARS to attack the Russian military’s ammunition depots and supply lines for precision strikes. A U.S. Department of Defense official noted that as of November, the Russians had failed to destroy any HIMARS.

The official pointed out that Ukraine fires at least 4,000 to 7,000 shells per day in the war, while the Russian army has as many as 20,000 per day, and the Ukrainian army still needs a large number of artillery to deal with the upcoming large-scale battle.

Regarding the current fronts of the two armies, the official believes that during the winter months, the eastern front of Ukraine may stabilize around kharkov and Bakhmut, while Kherson on the southern front still does not know how it will develop before the winter. But the official assessed that the fighting between the two armies would intensify in the spring.

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