China Infiltrated the Canadian Parliament

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accused Communist China of ‘aggressive games’ to tamper with Canada’s federal elections and for planting spies in MP’s office.

As per the intelligence reports, Trudeau stated in a press conference that Communist China had funded a network of candidates and agents to the parliament in the 2019 elections to influence policies in Beijing’s favour.

According to reports, Beijing had directed funds to candidates, targeting members from bother Trudeau’s party and the opposition party. Furthermore, CCP agents have reportedly acted as campaign advisers to several candidates and attempted to corrupt former officials to gain political influence in the capital. Trudeau’s accusation came a few days after the RCMP started an investigation into CCP’s overseas police stations presence in Toronto, part of CCP’s efforts to carry out “persuasion operations” to force those who speak against the CCP regime and compel them to return home by blackmailing and threats.

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