CCP Seeks Dominance over Middle East and Asia, US Dollar and US Economy in Peril

Miles Guo said on November 7 that the CCP set up a major war in the Middle East and Asia. South Korea and North Korea will participate in it, and Iran has also seized the opportunity to take major actions. The world economic and military situation will go beyond anyone’s imagination.

 According to three key institutional investors, the future economy of the world will be driven by digital currency, as CCP’s digital renminbi, DCEP, is already in the lead.

 Even Japan’s pro-Americans are upset by the aggressive U.S. monetary policy around the world. They think the dollar is in jeopardy, the world will be chaotic, and digital currencies will prosper.

 The CCP’s actions in the Middle East and Asia, including Iran and North Korea, are causing trouble and combined with the onset of the global financial crisis, the dollar and the U.S. economy are at risk.

 The New Federal State of China is the only entity that can still benefit from this global crisis.

 More importantly, the unvaccinated people will be the real winners in life. Citizens of the New Federal State of China should cherish what they have and make significant contributions to the realization of world peace in the future.

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