CCP Implementing Nationwide Unified Health Code by 2025 for Long-Term Real-Time Monitoring

According to the information on November 10, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s National Health Commission, National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NACM), and National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention (NBDC) have jointly released the “National Health Informatization Plan” which plans to build a unified and interconnected electronic platform by 2025, so that every resident will have a set of dynamically managed electronic health record and electronic health code.

According to the requirements of the “plan,” it is necessary to speed up the “construction of health informatization for all people,” and it is proposed that by 2025, will form the preliminary construction of a support and guarantee system for the health information platform with unified authority and interconnection. The “plan” clearly states that to promote “one code for all applications,” a unique master index will be established for residents using the citizen ID numbers as the main number, supplemented by other document numbers. The Zero-COVID policy, which is a means of strengthening social control, was once again emphasized in the 20th CCP Congress. A unified national health code will allow the use of big data to track the so-called “risky groups” and the misuse of health codes for the purpose of long-term real-time monitoring of the people.

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