The Unvaccinated Becomes Popular Candidates In Online Dating

Recently, a new online dating trend demonstrated an increasing number of people are choosing the unvaccinated as their partners. A relationship expert from New York said that more and more evidence is indicating the long-term potential dangers and effects from the CCP virus vaccines, which has worried most men and women. Some reported side effects include heart attacks, sudden adult death, deformity and stillbirth. Last year, people were avoiding the unvaccinated like the plague, but now the unvaccinated are scoring higher than an NBA champion team. This is a tremendous change compared with the situation one year ago. The unvaccinated people are no longer fringe and their common characteristics include the strength of holding on to their beliefs, the courage to take risks and pressure, as well as the intelligence and emotional quality of caring about their health over other people’s comments. There is a saying that the unvaccinated sperms and eggs are more precious than the new digital currency. At any rate, people should remain alert and cautious about online dating since the real data about the CCP virus vaccine is being tampered with.

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