The CCP’s Plan To Acquire A German Chip Company Had Become A Daydream

The German government is currently reviewing the takeover of Dortmund-based chip maker Elmos by Silex, a subsidiary of Sai Microelectronics Group in Communist China. Previously, the German government believed that Elmos’ chip technology had been obsolete and there was no danger of the loss of proprietary technology. But according to a media report on November 7, the German federal government might ban acquisitions from Communist China, which reads as follows: Despite a compromise on Beijing’s investment in Hamburg port, the federal government now plans to prohibit the sale of Dortmund-based chipmaker Elmos to a Communist China’s company. The German economy ministry has informed all stakeholders that Elmos’ plant Dortmund might not be sold to a subsidiary of Communist China’s Sai Microelectronics Group, and the sale was extremely likely to be forbidden. The company said it would make a formal decision at a meeting on Wednesday. Elmos develops, manufactures and sells semiconductors for automotive applications. Late last year, the company had announced its intention to sell the so-called wafer production in Dortmund to Sweden-based Silex for around €85 million. Dortmund’s planned business has also become the focus of public attention amid the debate over China Ocean Shipping Company’s (COSCO’s) investment in Hamburg port. Critics expressed their concerns that such deals could offer Beijing too much influence over Germany’s critical infrastructure and important industrial sectors.

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