Prime Minister Kishida Says North Korea’s Missile Launch Won’t Be Tolerated At International Ship Viewing Ceremony

On November 6th, an international ship viewing ceremony involving naval and Maritime Self-Defense Force vessels from 12 countries was held in Sagami Bay, Japan. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida attended the ceremony and gave instructions to condemn North Korea’s successive launches of ballistic missiles. He stressed that it is “”absolutely unacceptable”” for North Korea to develop nuclear weapons and missiles.

 It is reported that this is the second ship viewing ceremony since 2002, and South Korean Navy, which once held a cold relationship with Japan, also participated in this event.

 Prime Minister Kishida observed the ships of each country on board the Izumo Helicopter Destroyer.

 When talking about the Communist China, he said Japan must be prepared for someone using or threatening to use force to trample on the peace and security of other nations. He also stressed that Japan’s defense capabilities will be completely strengthened within five years.

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