Pathologist On Important Role Of Vitamin D For Overall Immune Health

Miles Guo shared his advice in his recent live broadcast that vitamin D injections could strengthen the body’s immune system to address the CCP virus infection. Increasing Vitamin D intake reduces the likelihood of disease and promotes physical recovery. For its importance, American pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole in an interview has explained its essential role in overall immune health. In the case of the CCP virus infection, data collected by Dr. Cole show that Vitamin D has the same effect of reducing severe illness and lowering mortality. He described vitamin D as not just a type of vitamin but a prohormone that acts like a conductor for the body’s immune system, ensuring it is in order. Many of its effects play an essential part in pathophysiology. With normal vitamin D levels, the human body dramatically reduces the incidence or seriousness of many cancers, coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, and other conditions and reduces viral infections. Dr. Cole added the body could produce Vitamin D with adequate exposure to sunlight, which is an important reason why people are susceptible to the flu in the winter months when there is relatively insufficient sunlight.

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