Guangzhou Haizhu District Was Lockdown Again

According to media reports, on November 4th, Guangzhou City announced the activation of the container hospitals. On the same night, the Haizhu District of Guangzhou City announced to implement a 3-day “silent management”, requiring residents to refrain from going out or going on the streets without necessity, all access will be denied. After the news spread, massive residents fled in a scramble. According to Chinese officials, during the silent management period, all residents of the district must take the Nucleic Acid Testing in accordance with the requirement of “no one to be left out”. Except industry and premises providing necessary supplies, the rest of the business premises were suspended. Except for special vehicles to be passed, all other vehicles, including electric vehicles and bicycles, are not allowed on the road. Those who need to go out for medical treatment must be evaluated and approved before being transferred to a designated hospital by a designated vehicle. Some communities imposed closed management. Kindergartens, primary and middle schools in the region were suspended. Universities, vocational colleges, and technical colleges implemented closed management and prohibited students from leaving campus. Miles Guo has pointed out several times earlier that the lockdown and zero-Covid campaign in Communist China will only become more and more harsh. After the 20th National Congress, major cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing would be locked down to tighten the control, and the situation could only be more severe.

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