US Navy To Expand Attack Submarine Forces On Guam In Response To The Growing CCP Fleet

On Nov 2nd, Rear Admiral Jeffrey Jablon, the commander of submarine force of US Pacific Fleet, said at the Naval Submarine League’s annual symposium that amid the strategic competition with Communist China, the US planned to augment its ability to operate submarines outside Guam. It included enhancing maintenance capability with necessary facilities, infrastructure and personnel, establishing additional pier facilities and services, and expanding the capabilities of shore-based training facilities in Guam. Having sent Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarine USS Springfield to Guam earlier this year, the Navy now has five attack vessels operating in this region. Another two submarine tenders, USS Frank Cable, and USS Emory Land, was also stationed in Guam.

Jablon believed CCP deployed the largest navy in the world to guarantee its numerical advantage in the South and East China Sea. To reduce the gap with CCP’s surface fleet and undersea forces, the US should step up efforts to prepare its own undersea forces to deter and defeat CCP’s navy when necessary.

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