The World Is Facing The Greatest Uncertainty Since World War II

In Gettr Live broadcast on November 4th, Miles Guo stated that the world is currently experiencing the greatest uncertainties since World War II, and that humanity is facing a significant survival test as a result of the economic crisis, the vaccine disaster, the Russia-Ukraine war, and the Taiwan Strait conflict that could erupt at any time.

 According to Miles, there is an “ABC (Anywhere But China)” principle that is widely accepted in the current fund community: Anywhere you want to go, be sure to stay away from Communist China, then anywhere can be considered a safer place. During the past ten years, Xi’s party has turned China into the opposite of the world and turned the world upside down. Iran is poised to explode into full-fledged revolutionary subversion, Russia’s Putin is critically ill, and The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries ( OPEC ) is bewildered. All those plunged the world into unprecedented uncertainty after World War II.

 The New Federal State of China (NFSC) must face tough challenges, while also capturing once-in-a-lifetime chances amid the upheaval. Be objective, calm, not greedy, and be kind to your family. This era will belong to the NFSC.

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