The Winter Of World Political Economy And Military Is Coming

In a live broadcast on November 5, Miles Guo expounded that the recent confusing illusions of multiple domains were just a shot in the arm before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s demise.

 The CCP said that the dynamic Zero-COVID policy will soon have “”substantial changes”. Immediately, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets rose sharply, Hong Kong stocks experienced a soar, then the RMB was also strengthening against the dollar. At the same time, the economies of the US, Europe, Japan, and other countries are weak.

 Miles said that all this is just an illusion orchestrated by overseas market makers and political manipulators. Like the warm sun in late autumn, fleeting, and it is the last struggle of the CCP before it dies. The whole world is about to enter a bitterly cold winter politically, economically and militarily. This is a historical inevitability that no one can escape.

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