The Worst Areas in Communist China with the Implement of Lockdown and Zero Covid Policy are Tibet and Xinjiang, where are Already Overrun with Dead Bodies.

image On November 2nd, Miles Guo noted in his grand live broadcast that the most serious regions in Communist China with the implement of lock down and zero-Covid policy are far more than those provinces and cities featured in the media, such as Zhengzhou in Henan Province, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, etc. Tibet and Xinjiang are the two locations where the awful and horrific calamity actually occurred. Additionally, there are certain border regions like Yunnan, Fujian, and so on.

Miles described several local scenarios to show how horrific the death toll in Tibet and Xinjiang is. In Xinjiang, a significant tourism town has been locked down for more than three months, the most overpowering odor upon entering the deserted streets and closed restaurant is the smell of dead bodies, and some corpses were dried-up. In Tibet, the bodies were pulled by board cars, which was initially frightened, and then immediately numb, because there were mass of bodies and it was impossible to remove them all.

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