Miles Guo Foresees the Twists and Turns Before Findings of CCP Virus Origin

In a Gettr post of Nov 3rd, Miles Guo commented on the forthcoming twists and turns it takes for the world to trace the source of the Chinese Communist Party virus before finally finding out the 100% truth.

From the beginning, the conclusion of the investigation may be “accidental exposure”, then it may be “individual negligence”, and finally through the iron-clad third party’s testimony, physical evidence, and irrefutable evidence to prove that the virus and vaccine are the results of precise planning and design.

The CCP virus and vaccines are systematically implemented by the top leaders of the PLA and the leaders of the CCP’s highest power decision-making core members, and the world’s most high-profile institutions with the most advanced biological and chemical weapons research capabilities. It is developed by the world’s latest gene enhancement technology obtained through behind-the-curtain deals, targeting specific races and nationalities of people, it is a national biochemical warfare!

The evidence should be the source of the virus’s synthetic technology and the decision documents of the top leaders of the PLA, as well as the planned global promotion of the CCP virus vaccine, and the control of global social media and medical science institutions.

Only when all the evidence is combined can the truth of the CCP virus origin and the process of global implementation of the mandatory CCP virus vaccine policy can be revealed, which involves institutions of medical, intelligence, and military biochemical research in five to seven countries.

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