Maintaining High Levels Of Vitamin D In Blood Is Beneficial For Recovery After Infected With CCP Virus

On October 29th, Miles Guo relayed scientists’ suggestions for dealing with the CCP virus infection in his videos. Scientists recommend using Tylenol to relieve symptoms after infection, and taking artemisinin, ivermectin, and vitamin D supplements. Tylenol is recommended in two separate doses, day and night. The day agent is used for antipyretic, analgesic, cough, phlegm, and nasal congestion relief. The night agent has an added antihistamine to help with sleep.

There have been many discussions on the efficacy of vitamin D after the CCP virus infection since the beginning of the epidemic. So far, although there is no consistent conclusion, the research results of some papers show that if the concentration of vitamin D in the blood is too low, there is a higher rate of becoming severely ill after infection, as well as a higher post-infection mortality rate. According to a study from Israel in February 2022, out of the 1,176 hospitalized patients infected with the CCP virus in their study, 253 patients had blood tests to determine their Vitamin D levels before infection.

Among the Intensive and critical patient groups, 87.4% were patients with vitamin D concentrations below normal levels. In the mild or moderate patient group, only 34.3% were patients with low vitamin D concentrations. Comparing patients with vitamin D deficiency in their blood to patients with normal blood levels of vitamin D, it was found that the group of patients with vitamin D deficiency were 14 times more likely to develop severe or critical illness after infection. The research concludes that most people have blood that is low in Vitamin D and therefore people should consider oral or injectable vitamin D supplements to maintain a healthy body and help fight against severe side effects from the CCP virus.

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