Xi Reopens Investigation Into “Liaoning election bribery” case

In his Live Broadcast on September 13, Miles brought up the “Liaoning election bribery case” again with more insider information. Right after Xi ordered an investigation of this case, Wang Qishan informed Zhang Songqiao through Yao Qing to arrange an emergency evacuation of Wang Min’s family out of China. Dai Yongge secretly hid Wang Min’s family in Hong Kong but tipped Wang Min to commit suicide in prison to take the blame for all the responsibilities.

 To prevent this case traced back to Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, and their family members including financial puppets; Meng Jianzhu threatened the people involved to keep their mouths shut with the lives of their entire families. Meng also held a lot of treasures privately hidden by Wang Min and Xin Liyan to himself through the case, including a priceless pink diamond. Through Miles’ recent whistleblow, Xi finally realized that he has been fooled and the case was turned up for reinvestigation.

 Of the more than 20 personnel in the previous task force, only 6 people were left, others were either killed or arrested. The second investigation of this case will certainly put Jiang, Zeng, Wang, and Meng on the grill and they will do anything that may keep them alive, even some events that could let Xi never return to China. It’s difficult to tell if Xi would be able to finish his Central Asia visit safely and sound.

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