Top Classified: Xi’s Trip to Central Asia is Full of Crises

On September 13th, Miles exposed in his live broadcast that Xi would be awarded the Order of “Supreme Friendship” during his visit to Uzbekistan and revealed that these “medals” were the result of the painstaking blood and sweat of the Chinese people. One day after, Miles mentioned in a Gettr post that his live broadcast on the 13th has showcased once again our capability to provide timely and accurate intelligence.

 Miles came up with a follow-up intelligence that Xi promptly altered his itinerary after arriving in Kazakhstan because of his expose on Xi Jinping’s classified schedule. The Chinese regime tried to find out the leakers and had warned Kazakhstan’s ambassador to China not to leak any information about Xi’s trip.

 Tensions were high as Kazakhstan has taken rapid steps to tighten security. Xi’s trip to Central Asia is fraught with uncertainty and he could be in danger at any time. No matter where Xi travels, he will face the same crisis, as there are like-minded fellow fighters everywhere who also want to take down the Chinese Communist Party just like our WM.

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