Lawyers Argue That Pfizer Cannot Be Exempted From Liability For False Claims About Vaccines

On September 13, attorneys involved in a whistleblower lawsuit against Pfizer said the drug giant can not use the government as a shield to falsely promote its vaccine.

 Brooke Jackson, a regional director at one of Pfizer’s test sites for developing the vaccine, was the third person in charge of clinical trials as part of Pfizer’s application for emergency use authorization for its vaccine. According to lawyers, she was there for only 18 days before being fired for reporting “absolute chaos” and a complete disregard for safety treaties and federal regulations when developing a vaccine.

 The lawsuit alleges that Pfizer and two of its subsidiaries violated the False Claims Act by providing false clinical trials to the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA. The FDA authorized the shot quickly without questioning. Related information shows that Pfizer also bullied the South African government into shielding it from all liability for injuries and deaths caused by the shots.

 If successful, the lawsuit would force Pfizer to pay $3.3 billion in damages. Under federal law, if an individual can prove that the individual or company knowingly lied to the government about a drug or vaccine, he or she can sue a drug company on behalf of the government and win triple the damages.

 According to one of Jackson’s lawyers, Mendenhall’s law firm, the triple damages in this case could amount to as much as $3.3 trillion. That would be enough to completely bankrupt Pfizer and warn other pharma giants to think twice.

 Mendenhall believes that $3.3 trillion is an accurate estimate based on the $2 billion the U.S. government paid Pfizer for more than 100 million doses of its mRNA shot. Pfizer’s argument is a dead end because the false claims lawsuit has nothing to do with the government’s knowledge of the matter. All Jackson had to do, he said, was to prove that Pfizer and its subcontractors provided fraudulent information to the FDA.

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