A Review of the Whistleblower Movement History: Miles Guo Is Determined To Promote The Rule Of Law

On March 8th, 2017, Miles Guo was again interviewed by the media. In the three-hour interview, he reveled the crimes of He Guoqiang (贺国强), a former member of the Party’s Standing Committee, He’s (贺) family, and Bruno Wu with evidence and reasoning. Miles said the disclosure was not to vent his anger but to focus on the righteousness of the country and the nation. The aim of the revelations is to promote the fight against corruption and governance under the law, as it concerns national security and the nation’s future.

 In the interview, Miles Guo also revealed that Bruno Wu was a senior spy representing the Chinese Communist regime and was the actual controller of the domestic media Caixin Media (财新) in the Communist China and oversea media Boxun news web (博讯), and the fact that Bruno Wu manipulated the CCP’s overseas propaganda and spread disinformation and was paid to delete media contents. He also replayed a part of the recorded call conversation with Bruno Wu.

 Miles Guo pointed out that He Jintao (贺锦涛), the son of He Guoqiang (贺国强), was the Black Hand behind the dispute over Beijing University’s Fangzheng shares. In order to rob Miles Guo’s legal assets, he instructed his “white gloves” Li You (李友) to issue additional shares to dilute Miles holding in the company without success and even attempted to harm his life. Miles sternly pointed out that He(贺) had used despicable hooliganism to threaten and intimidate him, a criminal act with no respect for the law.

 Miles Guo then disclosed the title of “God of War” was an “excessive compliments to backlash” report by Hu Shuli(胡舒立) of Caixin Media. The aim was to lead the Communist Party to strangle Miles Guo and put him to a fatal position.

 Miles Guo said that the future of the Whistleblower Movement was still a long way ahead and that everything was just beginning. At the end of the interview, Miles again stressed that the core of the CCP mafia-style governance was the absence of the rule of law. As a result, the people have no avenue to argue and seek redress. Instead, the CCP has planted the theory of blood ties in the people’s minds and that ordinary entrepreneur and businesspeople are the lambs to be slain.

 Miles Guo came forward at all costs to reveal the truth about the CCP’s “rule by falsehood, corruption, and organized crime.” Without the rule of law, no one would have a sense of security and a future. Furthermore, Miles Guo has vowed that his lifelong goal will be to push China to rule by law and is willing to sacrifice everything for it.

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