CCP Continues To Lie And Boast False Harvest

On September 14, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Changjiang Water Resources Commission (CWRC) falsely claimed that the Three Gorges and other reservoir groups in Yangtze River basin have ensured water supply against the drought for a grain harvest. It disregards the fact of serious drought in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River in August and decrease in grain crop on a large scale. CWRC’s claim was to build momentum for the previous remarks by People’s Daily, the CCP’s mouthpiece on so-called well-grown autumn grains.

 It is found that as this statement of CWRC was being released, more than 66% of the total area of Poyang Lake dried up in August. 26,000 hectares of crops went out of harvest. According to the data intercepted by the netizens at that time from the CCP hydrological network, the CCP has been holding the water level of Three Gorges Reservoir at the bottom limit level of 145 meters since June in order to cope with the possible floods in Yangtze River basin. As of now, the water level is only 2 meters above the limit, and there is no condition to open the gates for water supply.

 Since its completion, the Three Gorges Dam has not only failed to provide the air conditioning for a warm winter and cool summer in Sichuan and Chongqing that the CCP advertised in 2002, but has also caused record-breaking continuous high temperatures in Chongqing and surrounding provinces. As a result, the grapes in the grape-growing areas of Sichuan were turned directly into raisins, and in the West Lake area downstream, more than 10% of the leaves of the famous Longjing tea trees dried out.

 Recently, both the logic-defying CWRC’s propaganda and the People’s Daily’s remarks a day ago about the so-called well-grown autumn grains have confirmed what the whistleblowing. The Communist China will definitely face a food crisis due to natural and man-made disasters. The CCP continues to deceive everyone on all levels (each one in the CCP has to tell lies to his/her superior and subordinate, not to mention the public) to cover up the real disaster, and that all Chinese should be materially and psychologically prepared.

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