As Miles Guo Predicted, Kazakhstan Awarded Xi Jinping The Golden Eagle Medal

On September 14, local time, Xi Jinping arrived in the capital city of Kazakhstan and received the Order of the Golden Eagle medal from Kazakh President Tokayev at the Presidential Palace. The Order of the Golden Eagle is the highest honor in Kazakhstan. It honors persons who have made significant contributions to the country and foreign heads who have achieved positive results in friendship with Kazakhstan.

 The day before Xi arrived in Kazakhstan, Miles Guo had disclosed Xi’s itinerary during a live streaming, stressing there would be a Golden Eagle medal award ceremony for Xi. Miles displayed a picture of the Golden Eagle medal and listed some of the politicians who received the medal, such as the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II and Jiang Zemin, as well as President Boris Yeltsin, who overthrew the Soviet government in Russia, among others.

 To get this medal, Xi had Chinese companies announce a series of investments in Kazakhstan worth tens of billions of dollars. The total investment is equivalent to any one of 990 chains on the Golden Eagle medal, worth 130,000 RMB. This medal came at the expense of the Chinese people.

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